LloydsFarmacia becomes BENU Farmacia

We are excited and ready to live together with all our Pharmacists, Colleagues, Citizens, and Partners new and authentic "Wellness Stories"!

That is what we tell in our new TV campaign, on air since April 10th on the channel La7, which represents wellness as a dynamic and pleasant sensation, to make the statement that from today "Feeling well means feeling...BENU!"

This statement is supported by the presence of our BENU pharmacists themselves, in the closing images. Their direct involvement is meant to show the real face of our brand, reinforcing the message of 'Wellness Stories' with, on the one hand, customers and, on the other hand, pharmacists as essential protagonists searching and achieving wellness.

Our payoff is precisely aimed at summarizing the relationship among the pharmacist, the citizenship, and the territories and at highlighting all the various moments of connnection and service that occur, every day, at BENU pharmacies.

Energetic, focused, beautiful, happy, relaxed, and healthy - these are the keywords that represent a fantastic new beginning to live all together.

We are ready to feel... BENU!