The term compliance refers to all the rules and guidelines the application of which allows the companies and employees of PHOENIX Pharma Italia to comply with current regulations and laws. The main focus of compliance is establishing and maintaining fair play in business, and preventing and eliminating corruption in all its forms.

Compliance is a key element of PHOENIX Pharma Italia's culture, based on core business values. PHOENIX Pharma Italia assumes social responsibility as a primary provider of health services, and believes in the importance of forming relations of trust with customers, business partners and all stakeholders in the interest of respectful cooperation.

PHOENIX Pharma Italia's guidelines for compliance are:

Our guidelines clearly and unequivocally state that corruption, illegal competition and any other type of inappropriate conduct must not in any way occur within the company or within the context of cooperative relationships with customers and business partners. PHOENIX Pharma Italia has a central structure that guarantees compliance with the rules, and constant monitoring at every operational and corporate level.

Case Reporting System

PHOENIX group has developed a web-based whistle-blower tool through which compliance-related reports concerning any PHOENIX company can be submitted. This ensures that anyone, whether employees or third parties, can ask questions or report a suspected or actual violation while remaining anonymous. The system is operated by an external provider, and the identity of whistleblowers is not known unless they themselves provide this information.

The case reporting system can be accessed at any time via the button below: