Affiliate programmes

Autonomy, flexibility and dedicated services: success has never been so close

An opportunity to be seized

The PHOENIX Group offers individual pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies across Europe solutions tailored to their local and regional needs. In particular, by joining PHOENIX, pharmacies are able to compete successfully in a rapidly evolving market by discussing experiences and accessing sales and marketing services that enable them to develop an innovative approach to stand out from the competition.

The BENU franchise and the Valore Salute Farmacia network are two programmes of the largest cooperation network of independent pharmacies in Europe, the PHOENIX Pharmacy Cooperation Programme. Over 17,000 professionals have already joined and benefit from the support of a strong and recognised brand; they are thus able to increase customer loyalty and seize all the opportunities for growth offered by the market.

BENU Farmacia franchise

It is possible to affiliate with the BENU brand while maintaining full ownership of the pharmacy. The affiliate programme ensures the full autonomy of the independent pharmacist to whom BENU offers commercial, financial and managerial support.

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Valore Salute Farmacia network

This network is for pharmacists who want flexible management, a high quality of dedicated services, and the opportunity to offer valuable consultations on issues such as prevention, healthy lifestyles and information on health.

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