Comifar Servizi

Logistics Services for Health

We distribute health, and much more!

Comifar Servizi is the company of PHOENIX Pharma Italia that, since 2019, has been offering a timely, effective and high quality logistics service for the distribution of goods both in the pharmacies and parapharmacies channel, and in the hospital channel.

Comifar Servizi specialises in the shipment of products, with a service that delivers up to four times a day, with temperature-controlled vehicles and a track & trace system.

Thanks to its partnership with PHOENIX Pharma Italia and its wide network, made possible by the 2 logistics platforms and more than 50 Transit Points around Italy, Comifar Servizi is able to guarantee a lead-time of 4 to 48 hours1 between receipt of the order and delivery to the pharmacy.

Comifar Servizi also offers logistics, storage, handling, reception and freight transport services.

In such a challenging market, it is crucial to optimise the processes in order to create value for the customer and meet the primary requirement of “delivering the right product, to the right place and at the right time”. That's why we work every day to:

  • create synergies in deliveries;
  • make our network available to all players in the health and well-being sector (industry, pharmacies, hospitals and patients);
  • develop dedicated services.


1excluding the islands