Valore Salute Farmacia Network

The pharmacy by your side

The Valore Salute network, one of the main representatives of independent pharmacies in Italy, with over 700 associated pharmacies and a market share of 4%, assists the pharmacist to help him achieve growth and success by improving margins and optimising management, communication and customer retention processes.

Nowadays, a pharmacist has many complex commitments and a great responsibility in the management of medicines and health products that he provides to customers on a daily basis. In particular, a pharmacy owner has to deal with a range of business activities such as product policy, pricing, marketing and communication, procurement, inventory and the management of staff.

He has a clear need to simplify his workload, and the choice to join an organised network of pharmacies such as Valore Salute Farmacia offers the following great advantages:

  • Daily support for your business
  • More time for your customers
  • Increase in sales
  • Marketing support and know-how
  • Improved efficiency
  • Higher profits due to better purchasing conditions
  • A supportive brand you can count on
  • Differentiation from competitors

The sharing of common professional interests that strengthen brand identity allows each pharmacy to benefit from the communicative strength of the Valore Salute brand, an added value recognised by customers and the industry.