Technology in the pharmacy

CMF T.I.F. is PHOENIX Pharma Italia’s company that conducts business in northern Italy and in Sardinia (through Difarma). As a system integrator, since 1994, it has been offering pharmacies and parapharmacies advanced and continuously updated tech solutions, essential for managing the modern pharmacy.

Our offer includes:


The Wingesfar management software

It is the software most commonly used by pharmacies, because it is simple, complete and kept regularly up-to-date to uphold the best market standards. Wingesfar simplifies the management of data and optimises internal processes, allowing the pharmacist to best manage his daily activities.



CMF T.I.F., which has worked in the field for over 30 years, offers high quality services and continuous assistance to ensure the security and maximum protection of your pharmacy and your data.

Its services include inventory management and cybersecurity, both optimised for the Wingesfar management software.

Pharmacy Inventory


  • Stocktaking to align the inventories in the management system with the actual inventories
  • Identification of deadlines, optimising the warehouse and reducing taxes (to help define strategic choices for different categories)


Sale, assistance and monitoring of security systems
  • Antivirus
  • Local and cloud data backup systems
  • Server redundancy systems and firewall systems


Assistance and maintenance

For over 30 years now, CMF T.I.F. has offered a prompt and comprehensive assistance service using the most efficient and advanced systems available. Assistance can be requested 7 days a week by contacting the call centre or sending an email.


Peripherals and hardware

There is a complete range of technological and digital solutions that allow the pharmacy to always keep abreast of the times and the new needs of customers.

CMF T.I.F.’s hardware solutions are complete, efficient and ready to integrate and interact with Wingesfar, and include:

Cash registers
Document scanners
Barcode readers
Printers and printer-photocopiers
Computer screens



Thanks to its efficiency, immediacy, practicality and easy integration with Wingesfar, CMF T.I.F. 's automation solutions make the pharmacy more modern and smart.

Below, please find our proposal:

Automated warehouse
Automatic cash machines
Electronic labels
Vending machines
Queue management
Digital pay


Our trainers provide their services to pharmacists both face-to-face and remotely, in the interest of maximum flexibility and convenience. Our comprehensive training on Wingesfar covers a wide range of essential topics and gives you the skills you need to maximise efficiency and improve your pharmacy.

The various topics include, for example:

Management control with statistics analysis

Sales tracking

Improving the profitability of the pharmacy

Management of direct orders and orders sent via distributors

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  • Company Info
    • Headquarters in Novate Milanese (MI),  Via Fratelli Di Dio, 2
    • Tel. +39 02 33330222 - Fax +39 02 33330826
    • CEM cmf.tif(at)
    • Subscribed Capital: 50.000,00 euro
    • REA number 2097999
    • TAX Code and Register of Enterprise of Sassari number 09550010962
    • VAT number 09550010962
    • Direction and coordination: Comifar Distribuzione S.p.A.


    • Branch in Castelletto di Belfiore (VR), Largo Leonardo Da Vinci, 2
    • Tel. +39 045 6132205 - Fax +39 045 6132218

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